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Siyum Yomi is a revolutionary idea which is to finish all of mishnayos collectively every single day! By you and me each reciting our own designated mishnayos each day, together with over 4,000 other yidden learning their mishnah, we will be completing shisha sidrei mishnah every day! Twice a year, the system will be reset and everyone should reserve another mishnah, either through our hotline or through the website, to say for the upcoming zman. 

Call into our amazing hotline 718-664- YOMI (9664) or by clicking here.

There are two cycles per year – Rosh Hashana until Erev Pesach and then Pesach to the next Rosh Hashana

A week or two before the next cycle, the entire system will be fully reset and every mishnah will become available to be learnt for the upcoming cycle. Once again, mishnayos may be reserved through our hotline or website.

We offer many dedications for those who want to partner with us in uniting klal yisroel through the holy torah. Daily sponsorships are $100 which enables you to receive the zchus of that days torah, that’s all of shas mishnayos. We also offer one to sponsor our hotline system for one month for $500.  Additionally, one can acquire the zchus of a full month of daily siyumim by sponsoring a month for just $1,000. There are many more sponsorship opportunities available, please email for more info.

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